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I always wonder what I would do if I had a time machine. Maybe I could go back in time and do things a bit better. Like instead of only getting one Lola, I would have bought all her siblings and then had a pack of Bulldogs running around the house all day. I could have hooked them all up to a sleigh in December to take photos while wearing a dorky sweater.

Or maybe I would go back to my wedding day and actually pay attention. FYI, I don’t remember much of the day. And when I say not much, I mean it. I don’t remember a single vow I exchanged with Hubster. I’m not even sure it happened. I mean, there’s a marriage license that says we did it, and some pictures, but I can’t remember anything. I do remember one clear detail – when I threw my bouquet, it got stuck in the light fixture and we had to stop the dancing to allow someone with a ladder to fetch it back out.

So, head on over to Twitter and vote on what you would do if you had a time machine!


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