I’ve been cleaning up my blog to provide a better reader experience.

Typing that sentence made me feel like a hipster doofus.

It’s possible I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest for too long because I now think everything is an “experience” and not just something to kill time with because you’re bored and the cable went out, leaving you with this blog as your last desperate attempt at entertainment.

You know what? Challenge accepted! Welcome to the Thunder Dome, I’ll provide you with some laughter and hopefully the cable will come back on momentarily.

Seriously, momentarily. I’ve only got this little blurb and you’ll be done reading it in 10 seconds.

"The Fat Kid Creed Nothing interferes with the eating schedule. Sleeping is the only acceptable form of exercise. Any activity that interferes with those goals must be halted immediately."

Well, that was it. If your cable hasn’t been fixed yet, you can always stare at a wall.

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29 replies on “Get the experience you paid for…

  1. Ba Ha Ha Ha…Welcome to Thunderdome! I ❤it!!

    Sleep IS my favorite exercise!!!!

    Also, I’m on a cruise (yeah, I know, poor me) but seriously, there’s almost NO TV & WiFi is sketchy at best…Your Blog is FABULOUS entertainment!!!
    THANK YOU!!!😀

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    1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha, I did the exact same thing! One of my friends is a TV addict and I waited for six months before deciding if she could do it, I could do it! I have an Apple TV device so I can purchase anything that I truly love, for everything else I rely on Netflix and my Amazon prime membership. I spent $20 a month as opposed to the $250 I was spending previously. If only I had cut the cable cord 10 years ago, I could have already taken that vacation in the U.K.

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  2. we watch about six different channels and pay for 150. Its super annoying but we watch a lot of live sports, things we can’t get from Netflix or Amazon. i’m still trying to figure out what to do. Exercise probably won’t be part of it…#thatfridaylinky

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    1. Exercise is always the very last resort! I wonder if you could pay for a special ESPN package in your area? We have friends who do that because they live on the other side of the country from where they were raised and they want to watch their local sports teams. But I know it’s hit or miss on the areas that they provide the service


  3. Sleeping is my gig and I feel great in the morning as if I have been on a 10k run haha! Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

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