Well, it’s finally happened – I drove my Twitter followers crazy. They spent this week bumping into walls and getting nowhere and it’s all my fault. If this were a human experiment on the effects of psychological stress on the collective psyche, I’d say we’ve reached the point where my polls are doing maximum damage. Not only did I get significantly fewer votes this week, despite the intriguing question posed, but we had a tie. Not just one tie, but two ties. There were 4 choices and two of them tied each other and the two remaining also tied each other, just with fewer votes than the winning pair.

Now, I’d like to mobilize my placebo group (that would be you!) and have the poll run here since Twitter gave me such perplexing results. If this poll doesn’t work out I may have to make next week’s poll less brain aneurysm inducing… like asking what your favorite color is and only listing two choices.

It might be too late for that.

I’m so sorry, I knew I shouldn’t have unleashed my curious brain on the rest of you but the internet gave me a place to do it. If we’re being fair, I think we can blame this solely on twitter… and cake. Cake made me do it!

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24 replies on “I broke my Twitter followers…

  1. none of the above, and I’ve just had cake, black forest gateaux to be precise, chosen by my daughter who left the cherries, because she doesn’t like cherries…so why chose a black forest gateaux then?

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  2. Oh I don’t remember seeing this twitter poll! I normally join in with them if I can. I’ve gone for an all you an eat buffet with Ghandi because… well it’s all you can eat! I was tempted by a wedding, but the thought of being a love interest to Henry VIII sounded a little terrifying! #blogcrush

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