Society is under attack by a new and invasive adversary that will stop at nothing to watch us fall…ducklips. Regretfully, I don’t know if they are actually called that or even if I spelled it correctly. It could be duck lips, duck head, duck face… you get the picture. I’m sure you’ve seen a pose or two on social media.

A girl puckers up her mouth in a “sexy” way and then tilts her head down while extending her arm to comical heights in order to photograph herself at a downward angle. The resulting look is intended to…

I’m not even sure.

Or better yet, the girl standing in front of the bathroom mirror, body turned to the side, while she looks straight into the camera with her duckhead and a phone dangling above her head. That pose is definitely a favorite of mine – humans mimicking animals when not accompanied by children under the age of five.

This girl in the photo is always under the age of 30. Never have I seen someone older than 30 pull off the duck face successfully. They think they are successful, and for that we are required by law to applaud – we wouldn’t want to ruffle their feathers.

You and I both know though, she failed miserably.

So why is it that people younger than 30 seem to be able to contort their facial muscles into a shape that had been previously reserved for fowl? Are duck heads foolish enough to think their loved ones don’t know what their faces look like? It’s not as if society will ever really believe that your cheeks naturally rest between your teeth.

If the look is intended as a method to attract men, what happens when you finally have an overnight with a guy you really like? He rolls over in the morning and….”OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED TO HER BONY CHEEKS AND HER PURSED, FLAT MOUTH?! I can’t possibly date this normal looking human when I thought I was dating an aquatic beauty.”

Talk about a weird relationship killer.

I’ve noticed a side effect from all this duck facing that is being performed. Women who make frequent ducklips have developed a tendency to rest their mouth like that even when not taking a photo. You know how your mother told you not to make weird faces or it would get stuck that way?!

Your mother was right.

A duck graphic with the phrase 'the ducks want their lips back!'

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15 replies on “The ducks want their lips back…

    1. I know it started a couple of years ago, but this month is the first time I realized that girls are literally unable to relax their mouth’s outside of the duck lips. Their muscles are so trained to stay in that position that they walk around like that all day long.


  1. Do you remember LA Story? Steve Martin is lying in bed with a young Sarah Jessica Parker. He’s feeling her (unusually prominent) breasts and in the age of implants being the norm, says something like “they feel really strange”. She answers ‘that’s because they’re real”. Just saying that i get where you’re coming from and in life surely we’re going to come apart if we can’t tell apart fact from fantasy. (Unless you’re a big orange man). jo #bigpinklink

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    1. I’m so sorry for the delayed reply, I just realized it never actually sent when I clicked the button. I do remember that part and I feel like that is exactly where we are with the duck lips!


    1. I had hoped the trend would fade but I’ve noticed now that it’s been around for so long that people who do it in all their pictures have a tendency to hold their mouth in that same shape even while not taking a picture. It’s very unnerving.


  2. He he, I must admit I hadn’t gone looking for these pictures but I know exactly what you mean!! Age of a selfie generation isn’t it! Well thankfully 30+ age bracket know better, just time to feed them stale bread… #candidcuddles

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    1. I was doing OK with the selfie trend until the duck lips really starting to become permanent. I was hoping the trend would come and go. Lola enjoys a good selfie and since she doesn’t have thumbs, I usually end up in the photo trying to get it for her.


  3. I’m clearly too old because I know full well how ridiculous I would look if I attempted that look! I do wonder what these girls will think in years to come when they look back at these photos of themselves! x #CandidCuddles

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  4. You are hilarious!! I was horrified to find my 12 yo’s laptop desktop and phone (don’t get me started on the phone thing, I don’t even understand why a 12 yo needs a smartphone…blame her father) FULL of ruddy duck face pout pics. Her father has in fact banned her from doing any more selfies. Love the comment in this thread about the Steve Martin film. It really has got to the point where natural beauty or natural anything is scorned. Have you heard of high definition eyebrows? Don’t even get me started.

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