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I’m a night owl. Sure, I love a good sleep just like anyone else, but I prefer that sleeping to be done during the day. I’m not sure why I like the night so much, but I think it has a lot to do with television shows without interruptions, Taco Bell lines that are short, and the blissful hours of reading a book without someone disturbing me about it being “time for dinner.”

The night people eat their meals when they feel like it, they don’t need a schedule!

And never forget, the lack of traffic. While one can postulate that there is no traffic due to everything being closed, I beg to differ. Taco Bell is open until 3am. Then they reopen at 6am. That’s only a three-hour window of depression until you can be happy again. The internet is also open. Everything that isn’t at Taco Bell can be delivered to my doorstep, so I don’t really need to worry about them being closed.

Why did I tell you all this?! Well, because I got sidetracked on the night owl tangent and had to let it out or I would physically burst open. My new blog series is going to be called Things That Keep Me Awake At Night. I’ll post on this topic once a week, or once a month, it really depends on how much my brain ponders.

A teal/green owl that says

Do actors who develop Alzheimer’s believe that they actually were the characters they played on the screen?

Take for example, Matt Damon. Will he one day actually believe that he lived on Mars all alone and farmed potatoes? Was he really Captain Blondebeard and the fastest man in space? Did he outsmart every U.S. intelligence official and break a lot of arms while doing it? Will Matt believe he was a mathematical genius who also robbed Las Vegas casinos? (He needed some spending money I guess.)

And most of all I wonder this, will he ask everyone if they like apples?!

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