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I had to take this morning off to watch the inauguration and stare with dumbfounded shock at the “peaceful” protests that were being held in Washington D.C.

Here we go, my first (and hopefully only) political post ever.

Why do people who are protesting, inevitably end up smashing the property around them? The protestors on TV today were smashing up a Starbucks to announce to the world that they are unhappy with the new President because he’s going to destroy the entire world. I hear what you are saying, but smashing the Starbucks seems pretty ugly, and hypocritical, to me. Starbucks, the company who has pro LGBTQ policies and supports initiatives to improve the rights of the group. The company who supports education and has incentives in place to assist their employees with dreams of college. The company who believes in advancing the civil rights of every minority group in this country. You smashed their property to advance your own cause, without a thought to the fact that you hate Trump because he’ll smash your cause to advance his.

You cut off your nose to spite your face.

I may not have wanted Trump, and I didn’t want the Clinton option either, but this is how our country works. We vote, and then we commit to honoring the results. Just like athletes are forced to high-five their opponents after a game, we endeavor to congratulate the winners of the election. If we instead dissolve into street fights and damage property as we see fit, then we may as well admit we are no better than the countries we denounce for allowing terrorists to run amok.

So let’s pull it together people and do what we have done after every other Presidential election- work for our causes. Protest in peace, because no one listens to the petulant child smashing up windows. Work with your representatives, nominate new leaders, and trust that our system will persevere like it has since 1776.

Now, I can’t leave without having something lighthearted so I’d like to discuss another news topic that was trending today: the massive alligator in Florida. This guy, named Humpback, is over 12 feet long and spends his days happily strolling about in the wild and causing tourists to flee. Well, some tourists.

Florida is now reporting a massive increase in tourists visiting the area to see Humpback for themselves. Let me tell you something though, this isn’t a zoo. This isn’t a sanctuary that has Humpback in a fenced area. Humpback is roaming at random in the wildlife preserve. And now he’s got plenty of fresh meat for when the mood strikes him.

Mark my words, someone will get eaten and then the internet will stumble upon my blog to see for themselves why it happened. So I’ll leave them with this.

A cartoon green alligator with his arms crossed over his chest and his eyebrows raised. The sarcastic caption above him reads "What were you thinking?!"

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