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Lola celebrated her 5th birthday this week! I made her a delicious puppy peanut butter cookie… and then I lit it on fire. She almost knocked me over trying to figure out why her cookie wasn’t being fed to her.

Every year I put a candle, every year Lola tries to eat it.

Needless to say, I didn’t get a picture because I was busy trying to keep the house from burning down. Myself and fire don’t get along, add in a Lola and the disaster we create calls for a rescue by The Rock in a helicopter. (Side note: I’m in love with the movie San Andreas and all its impossibilities.) Fortunately, Lola was able to make a wish and she made a big one. Lola wished for the Daddybeast to come home since he had been gone all year. Daddybeast is her cuddler at night, and they play video games together – Lola’s lack of thumbs is a problem but Daddybeast would never call her deadweight. Most importantly, Daddybeast makes sure I buy her toys at every opportunity.

The way this dog fawns over her Daddybeast, you’d think I was a terrible person.

Who made you a cookie?!

The very next morning, Lola’s wish was granted – Daddybeast came home! When Daddybeast walked through the door and saw Lola, there was jumping and hugging and puddles of pee. Not to mention how Lola reacted to him!

I can only imagine how this wish being granted is going to go straight to Lola’s already inflated ego.

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