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I thought buying a house with a seven car driveway was a boon. It was not.

I spent six hours power washing my driveway, only to realize that I had another 12 hours of work to get it all the same color. My mistake began in thinking that my driveway was a dark gray cement… it is actually white. Had I known my driveway was white, I could have avoided the hassle and realized I needed to pay someone to clean this beast.

Or maybe just sold the house and advertised the beautiful grey cement as a feature.

But I decided that after six hours of labor and some white cement later, I’m committed to this task. My OCD tendencies will not allow this monstrosity of multiple colors to remain. I HAVE to make it all the same color!

12 hours of labor and three days later…

The cement is still multicolored. My back is on fire from leaning over and my forearms feel worse than the time I tried to mow the jungle before giving up. 11 squares of cement on my driveway, each square is a different color. My OCD is slowly driving me insane and covering the worst of the squares with my cars looks crazy because they are parked all wonky. I even called for a few quotes from professionals to come and finish the job.

Those professionals charge a fortune because they know by the time you are calling them you’ve realized you’ll die trying to finish the job yourself. I mean, this job is so intense I think I even see new muscles in my forearms – and I don’t like them.

I’m now debating hiring an artist to come in and paint a mural on my driveway. Someone willing to work for cake or cookies.

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