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I’ve decided that I can go no further with writing my book until I get a proper chair in my office. This folding chair has become the bane of my existence and as I sit here typing, I dream of publishing a picture book just to avoid the permanent ache that is developing in my spine. So, I’m going on Amazon and I’m ordering a chair and demanding it get to me tomorrow.

I could actually get a chair today and be back in business within an hour, but it seems silly to drive to the store when Amazon is a click away. Plus, I’m sure I’ll have to carry the box to the car and try to figure out how to unload it into the front door whereas if I Amazon the chair, the UPS guy will help me out and bring it into the house.

Lola is smirking at me in the background because she thinks this is a stall tactic due to writer’s block.

I wonder if I can write off a cable bill as a cost of business for my writing. I never hit such mental dead ends when I had Bravo at my disposal.

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