In the blogging world, we have these great themes that roll around social media; Monday Blogs, Wordless Wednesday, Caption Day, etc. Well, it’s Wordless Wednesday today.

I love this theme and hate this theme all at the same time.

Love, because obviously I get to see tons of pictures from my favorite bloggers. Hate, because I obviously love to use my words. Talking is the cornerstone of my personality. Without words, I would cease to exist.

But, I found a way around it. I will talk a lot and then post a picture for you all.

You’re welcome.

Lola the English Bulldog is sitting on a couch, wrapped up in a red fleece blanket and ready to take a nap.

Lola is so cute when she wraps herself in her blankie.

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One thought on “I always find a way to bend the rules…

  1. Hi Heather, I know exactly where you are coming from, which is why I couldn’t participate in Wordless Wednesday. Lola does look nice and comfy in her bed, if only we could live a loved dogs life.


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