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I recently wrote about a squirrel who has decided to renegotiate his contract with the local humans. This squirrel has decided to declare war on Lola and I in our own backyard. Read about it here.

Following the events of the last post, things have gotten a lot worse with the squirrel. He’s gathering reinforcements and has taken to pelting myself, and the Littles, every time we try to enjoy the yard.

Now, all my readers have been asking when I’m going to post a picture of this menacing squirrel, and I’ve been trying. It’s been very difficult to get a photo while running away from acorns. That squirrel has an arm that would make the best major league pitcher jealous.

And it’s not even technically an arm!

Squirrel has even taken to throwing acorns at the glass when he sees us looking out at him. Finally though, I’ve got the photo. I’ve gone ahead and put an arrow to point him out, in case you have terrible eyesight but are trying to avoid admitting the need for glasses. Also, there’s a fancy edge to the photo, I think it makes the squirrel appear less menacing and lately I’ve been having nightmares involving bushy tails growing on humans.

A photo of a mean squirrel sitting on a fence in my backyard

This squirrel is damn lucky that I cannot stomach the thought of doing bodily harm to him.

So for now, Lola and I only use the backyard under cover of darkness when the squirrel sleeps. And we have a calendar to count down the number of days until we move into our new home…with no trees…and a high fence to discourage wildlife from coming in.

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