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The Hubster has declared that I must get rid of all my social media accounts. Apparently he wants me to live in a cave and have no outside communication with the world.

Because I got to watch the cute puppy video before him.

I know, he’s a dork, but I bit the bullet and married him so the rest of you could be safe. Seriously though, the poor guy never manages to show me anything new in the world. He finds a funny video, I’ve already seen it. He finds an interesting online article, I’ve already read it and discussed it at length with online people and I’m now uninterested in rehashing it with him.

Poor Hubster, forever behind the power curve of social media. Working outside of the home must be rough.

Since I obviously will not be giving up social media and all my blog reading and discussions, I had to come to a solution to appease the Hubster. I’ve decided to lie. I’ll watch the videos and compliment him on showing me something new. I’ll have the same arguments about a news article that I had two days ago on Twitter. I’ll even look at the memes and laugh that he found a new one I haven’t seen.

Because that’s what marriage is all about; lying, smiling, and laughing to appease the person you sleep next to.

And now I’d like to throw a big giant HAPPY BIRTHDAY at the Hubster. Thank you for putting up with my writing, anarchy, sarcasm, and general folly that goes against your very nature. You are the best!!!

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