Have you ever looked at a dog and wondered what they are really thinking? And when I say wonder, I mean seriously contemplated what inside their head makes an idea seem so achievable to the canine? Thanks to Lola, I have now wasted a precious 15 minutes of my life wondering how her brain works.

Lola was staring at our resident Roomba, which is a robot that vacuums the floor for all you people who live under a rock. Lola has never liked the Roomba. It dared to touch her once and she leapt up into the air and then cowered in her bed trying not to cry.

As retaliation, Lola has been plotting the Roomba’s downfall.

So here she is, staring at it, while the Roomba blithely cleaned my living room. Lola stands up and prepares her body for a lunging ninja move that she has practiced for years. She lunges…and lands on the Roomba.

And then she panics. As I’m laughing and watching Lola try to decided how to dismount, the Roomba decides to save itself and stop moving. Roomba then lets out some noises alerting me to the fact that it is stuck.

Stuck under the butt of a 40 pound bulldog.

Lola loses it completely. Apparently the chirping from the Roomba is a signal from the alien planet that we are not alone. Lola mad dashes around the house until she collapses and jams her head under the couch.

A photo of Lola with her head buried under a couch and only her butt sticking out.

If only her ribcage would shrink, she could fit all the way under. And no one tell Lola that we can still see her, she’ll never feel safe again.

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