By now you all know that on Friday I was forced to become an adult. Hubster and I are finally in search of our first house and we met with a realtor. Dennis is fantastic, but he scared the shit out of me.

Things I didn’t even know existed now have to be handled by me, the resident adult.

Did you know that the bank people are not the only people involved in buying a house?! I didn’t! You have title people, and appraisers, and people who inspect everything. They inspect the paperwork, the house, my tonsils, etc. Then all the paperwork goes back and forth until your fingertips bleed from it all.

I don’t know who the hell this Escrow person is, but they are making my head spin.

I was so freaked out after all the learning from Dennis that I awoke at 2am just to stare at our current budget and rock back and forth. I may or may not have been making small animal in distress noises.

Luckily, I’ve got a few cheats up my sleeve. I have a father-in-law who is president of a credit union – he’s going to be able to explain the big words to me. My own father is Mister Financial and is currently flabbergasted that I can’t grasp these big words. My last ace up my sleeve is my friend Jaime. She’s one of those mysterious people who do paperwork in home buying. She’s not with a bank, she’s not a lawyer, but somehow, someway, she has magic and can get me the deed to my home.

This weekend she helped me decide on floor plan options with our home builder, just in case we go that route.

Like I said, she’s magic. And she’s such an adult that she’s bought and sold more than one home with her husband. I’m giving her the adult of the century award…and buying her dinner so she doesn’t shank me for bugging her every day about home buying.

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4 replies on “I have a magical fairy friend…

  1. Omg, in NC you must have a lawyer oversee the deal and you must pay that damn lawyer for doing something any of us dipshits can do on our own. It irked me to no end during our homebuying expererience and I’ve since learrned most of those lawyers are shady and in cahoots with the banks and/or builders for kickbacks.

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