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You have never really lived until you’ve purchased a Roomba to vacuum your house. It’s made infinitely better if you have a dog that you can torture with your new toy. You’d think after a month of owning it, Lola would be used to it; she still can’t decide if it’s a friend or foe. Every single day she alternates between chasing it and hiding from it.

Yesterday Lola had the pleasure of being completely traumatized by the Roomba and proved it was worth every penny.

I was at one end of the hallway, Lola was at the opposite, Roomba was in between us just vacuuming away. Lola decided she needed to be with me and thus began her adventure. She went right, Roomba zigzagged right. Lola dodged left, Roomba met her there. She decided the best thing would be to leap over the Roomba like the delicate gazelle that she is.

The Roomba touched her foot.

Lola proceeded to panic, race as fast as she could, straight towards me and cower like the helpless baby she really is. And she’s quite awkward to carry with her gigantic rib cage.