Today I got an unexpected day off from work. The Tiny Little decided she was going to play “Catch the Vomit” with her mommy. Three times.

The Big Little is watching his daddy sign his life over to the Navy for another few years. I hope Big is wearing his camouflage shirt to match the tone of the day.

I initially thought that I would go back to bed and take a 6 hour nap. I resisted this urge in order to prepare for the big Oreo taste test tomorrow. We will be doing a six round taste test, maybe more, depending on how many people I have to shank for stealing Oreos from the plates.

I will be inviting the Tiny Little’s mommy to the taste test. After cleaning up vomit for an entire day, she’s earned an Oreo.

Each person will have to complete two rounds of tasting. The first round is the dry round – each person will eat an Oreo without milk and vote on the following categories:

-twist off test

-appearance of cookie

-taste and texture of chocolate cookie

-taste and texture of filling

-cookie to filling ratio

-overall best taste

After the dry round we will head into the dunking round. Everyone will grade the cookie on the same criteria from above and include a final voting category:

-best in milk

Now, I’m going to go get to work on the ballots for the taste test. I’m glad I have an entire Monday off, I may use the 11 hours to come up with even more creative criteria to judge on.

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