I haven’t posted a blog in 5 whole days! I don’t think I’ve gone that long since my vacation and I’ll try not to do it again. I’ve gotten some messages asking where I’ve been and I’ve got just one word for you:


This weekend was the annual Dolphin Auction. If you remember, last year I was traumatized at the auction and in 39 seconds my entire life was forever altered.

I think my blog must have reached the auction committee this year. Two of the ladies on the auction committee are readers of my blog and watched the horror unfold last year.

They listened to my feedback.

We had a buffet this year. To go along with the camping theme there were big chunks of cow (who really cares what it was, it was beef!), salad, baked potatoes and the mother of all camping items, cornbread.

And this cornbread was fantastic! I wanted to steal the entire basket of cornbread and take it to my car, but I was worried I wouldn’t be invited back next year. And what if they served this amazing cornbread again next year?! So instead I did the only thing I could do to convey how happy the auction planners made me; I spent $775 in the verbal auction.

I’m pretty sure I still ate more than that in cornbread.

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