Good god almighty! Are you people still with me?!?!?!

In honor of this auspicious occasion, let’s all enjoy a Twinkie. Or a chocolate covered Twinkie. Or a chocolate and bacon covered Twinkie.

a picture of Twinkies with the caption "yellow cake. Cream filling. Never shared."

Or any other Twinkie variation you concoct.

Now that I’m thinking on it though, if I have 11,800 viewers and they all eat one Twinkie to celebrate…..

PUT DOWN THE TWINKIES!!!!! Those are mine and the world is going to run out.

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2 replies on “This marks my 300th post…

    1. Put the Twinkies down!! There aren’t enough in the world for you to have two!!!! Don’t you remember the dark ages when there were no Twinkies to buy?!?!?! It was traumatizing and we need to conserve.


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