Here comes another year. As you all know by now, I don’t believe in resolutions because people always fail and end up despising themselves for their failure. I like to start my new year off with a win instead.

This year, I’ve decided my goal would be to wake up earlier than 11am every day.

This may not seem like an achievement to many of you, but I cannot tell you how many days I lost in 2014. I know that had I woken up on those days I could have gotten so much accomplished.

Or not, who the hell really knows.

So, let’s get this new year started and all try to wake up before 11am every day. And if you don’t succeed, console yourself with that tiny failure while you eat a Twinkie and enjoy the comfort of your pajamas well into the afternoon.

Twinkies, pajamas in the afternoon, and sleeping half the day away. That’s a win no matter how you look at it.

a picture of Twinkies with the caption

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