I’ve been on vacation now for just over a week. It’s not really a vacation since I’m sitting at home but, I’m not working so that’s amazing. Here’s the only problem I have. Well, I have a couple, but we’ll talk about one of them today.

Why is daytime TV so boring?! It is the worst TV time. This is why stay at home parents are so deranged. They finally get that screaming poop machine down for their nap and put their feet up on the coffee table, only to find out that there is nothing to watch.

Every single channel is crap. I don’t even know where Dr. Phil went. I can’t find soap operas which I searched for when I got desperate. I even scrolled through our movie channels and could only find junk no one wants to watch, let alone pay to watch. Thankfully, due to a billing error, I get those movie channels for free.

Shhhhh. Don’t tell on me.

The only beacon of light seems to be Bravo which replays all their shows all day long so you can catch up. But if you are an addict like I am, you record and catch up every day. So even those reruns make you insane.

And the SyFy channel is officially dead to me. I could always count on them to play an original movie. Heck, the first week of vacation was all snow themed SyFy movies. Snow volcanoes, snow twisters, snow meteors, alien snowball invasion… if it had snow, they played the movie. And they were all disgustingly fake looking with corny acting.

I loved every minute of it.

This week, I get nothing. I mean, can I get a rerun of the movie with the lightning ghosts targeting the small seaside town?!?! NOPE!

Well, at least I’ve solved the mystery of why parents look deranged. Tomorrow I’ll contemplate why the network executives want parents to be deranged. I bet there is money in it for them.

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