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For really early group text messages. And I mean early. My clock still showed 5 as the first number. And I didn’t recognize anyone who was sending me the messages. I tried muting the conversation but it failed and I kept getting alerts.

After the fifth person chimed in with the exact same response I may or may have not lost my freaking mind.

And I think we all know I did.

So I fired back with a message of my own-

“Who the heck are all of you people texting me?!? And do you even know what time it is?!! Christmas is a day of sleeping in!!!”

I’ve been getting bah humbug replies since then. (Which is bizarre since I could have used some horrific levels of profanity to get my point across but I was scared some of the people in the group text from hell may have been elderly and I didn’t want to be responsible for their deaths.)

But just you wait until Monday morning when all these people need to be rested up for work and I have vacation. I’m lighting those bitches up all night long. And I don’t even know who they are.


Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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