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126. That was the number that redefined my life.

One-hundred motherfucking twenty-six. The moment I managed to hack into encrypted data in my Apple accounts. Data I was told was unrecoverable by Apple after a two-hour support call.

I find this story is best told in George Costanza’s voice, so channel him as you read this.

Me: I started to type on the keyboard. I won’t lie to you, boys, I was terrified! If I couldn’t get this data back, I might as well enter a communist country and never utilize technology again. But I pressed on – and as I made my way through multiple error codes, a strange calm came over me. I don’t know if it was the two Coke Zeros or the screaming of the desperate Hubster in the background, but I tell you, at that moment – I was a computer genius!

The iMac was angry that day, my friends, like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli! I got about 100 letter and number combinations in and suddenly, the great light appeared before me. I tell ya, it was so bright I felt the sunburn from the screen. As if sensing my budding victory, the computer let out a great bellow. I said, “Easy big fella!” And then, as I watched the error codes renewing, I realized that something was beginning to happen. From where I was sitting I could see directly into the new status bar!

Hubster: Download box.

Me: Whatever.

And there it was, after six hours of increasingly desperate banging on my keyboard.

Restoring iPhone Data…complete.

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