I am currently on vacation from my home daycare. I packed the Tiny Little up and sent her across the country, just to make sure her teething didn’t keep me awake at night. I sent the Big Little to another provider with a detailed listing of his likes and dislikes.

Pooping and eating pretty much consume his day once I got around to writing it down.

And now I have two whole weeks off. What am I doing on day one?! Making baby food and rearranging my daycare area. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!

But this I vow, tomorrow I will not be doing anything work related. Tomorrow, I am getting new stools for my kitchen bar so I can sit at my iMac and type more blogs. My current stools are so worn out that I’ve been avoiding writing new material in order to preserve the nerve endings in my body.

And that is unacceptable based on the messages I am getting, asking why I haven’t written in a few days. I will be back tomorrow.

I promise.

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