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The other day I was browsing around Costco; I’m a bit addicted. It was my third trip in 10 days. I love that they change their products all the time and keep me on my culinary A game by making me use crap I never would’ve looked at in another store since the Kraft box is sitting right on the shelf where it always waits for me to grab it. I mean, if you have macaroni and cheese, you have everything you need in life.

I know I’m not alone in my thinking…

But not in Costco, they move stuff all over and take stuff away all the time.

So there I was, wandering down the frozen section and I stumbled across a box of macaroni and cheese. I notice it says it’s from “Beechers at Pike’s Place Market” which happens to be right across the sound from me. So I start asking random people in the aisle, “what’s Beechers? Where is it? Do you know anything about this restaurant? Is it good?!”

The desperation was setting in. I hate buying disappointing mac & cheese, it makes me cranky. Finally a lady takes a look at the box and tells me that Beechers is a famous cheese maker in WA.


I snatched that box out of the freezer so fast I almost took her head off.

Cheese maker. Enough said. You know that mac and cheese is going to be magnificent.

And it was.

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