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I recently read an article about food in America versus food in the UK. Apparently, many of our packaged foods are sold there, but with vastly different ingredients. The UK has banned certain ingredients due to health concerns. Since the American companies obviously want to keep the money flowing, they adapt their products accordingly. Meanwhile in America, we are getting served all the crap that everyone else knows is bad and has banned. To avoid a whole debate about American politics and campaign dollars on a blog about humor, let’s just skip to the real reason that I think this is happening.

The Brit’s are still pissed about the civil war we wrought on them to become the United States. They have obviously worked out a long-term plan to seek revenge. First was to allow us to create companies that make delicious prepackaged food. Second was to get us addicted. The third step is to allow the scary ingredients to weaken us until we can be easily conquered again.

Well played Britain, well played.

a picture of Twinkies with the caption "yellow cake. Cream filling. Never shared."

I’m going to go eat a Twinkie to shore up my strength for the upcoming battle for world dominance.

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