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Tonight is the season premier of one of my favorite addictions, The People’s Couch on Bravo. The show’s premise is very easy to understand: they film people watching TV. That’s right, I watch people watch TV!

I’ve been told this is a low point in my life but I just laugh because within two minutes of watching, the person who criticized me is enjoying it as much as I do. The show doesn’t have solo people sitting on their couches, they are all groups of people in different homes.

And they are all hysterical. They are laughing at the TV, making fun of everyone, screaming at the dummies on the screen who are doing stupid shit.

Pretty much everything I do when I watch TV.

It’s nice to know I’m not the only nut out there who talks to the screen.

Give The People’s Couch a shot tonight, you’ll be hooked!


My viewing partner for tonight…she likes to watch people watch TV. Namely me.

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