Tonight I am having an adult sleepover.

It was very weird to write adult and sleepover in the same sentence. And let’s get our heads out of the sewers and keep it rated G people!! We will be pigging out on junk food, watching scary movies that have sharks in it, and then attempting to sleep through belly aches and nightmares.

There may be a midnight run to a fast food joint.

And that fast food joint might be an hour or more away. It’s going to be a repeat of my Connecticut-based hijinks! Which leads me to a story I have for you all.

Did you like how I segued into that?! I baited and hooked you just a bit.

Back in 2008 I was sitting alone during one of Hubster’s deployments when I decided I was hungry. For White Castle. At 11:00 at night. White Castle was over 2 hours away. Yep. I woke up my neighbor Alexa and dragged us both out into the night. Dressed in only our pajamas, we drove out of Connecticut, through New York, and into New Jersey where I could get my craving satisfied. We drove home happily with multiple crave cases full of food in the car.

And huge grins on our faces.

Trish, get ready. Who the hell knows where we will end up tonight!!!!!!

P.S. I’ve been craving Sonic. It’s only about an hour away. You may get lucky and get a little more sleep than the poor bastard who had to go with me to White Castle.

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4 replies on “Buckle your seatbelt…

    1. I bought her a card. It’s sitting on my dining room table right now. Looking at me. Yep. I’m on top of the calendar of birthdays! Caroline’s gift is sitting right next to Nanny’s card. I’m awesome!


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