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I better start at the beginning. Don’t call the ASPCA yet!

I went to Target and found the newest member of my family. It was the most adorable English Bulldog that wasn’t Lola. I brought her home and immediately plunked her down in front of Lola.

Lola was less than impressed.

I decided to let Lola name her so I explained that this new Bulldog was a cookie jar.

img_2764Cookie McChunkster was born.

It may have been a mistake to allow Lola to name her, but she does hold cookies and she is chunky and Lola loves McDonald’s french fries. So Lola smashed everything into two names and called it a day.

I wash and dry my McChunkster in preparation for the bag of Halloween Oreos I also happened to buy at Target. It was at this point that Lola heard the bag of Oreos opening up and decided to venture back from her nap. She couldn’t see much of what I was doing but I was talking to Cookie McChunkster and feeding her Oreos. Lola was protesting loudly.

So I asked Lola if she wanted an Oreo. As I turned she caught a look at McChunkster….


Lola decided she didn’t want an Oreo if that’s how you have to eat them.

And now I couldn’t imagine eating Oreos out of anything but a Bulldog butt.

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