Yesterday was my official one year anniversary of this blog. When I started my blog I had some pretty lofty goals. I wanted people to use the word shank in everyday life. I hoped people would love Twinkies more. And Lola wanted to show the world her crazy.

I hit all those goals!!

I even paid a service to give me some statistics about my site for the year. Mostly because the WordPress host I use doesn’t count accurately. I have people comment on my posts and when I look at the number of hits to the site for the day it will say zero. Well, how the hell did they comment if they didn’t see the post?!?!?!

I reached 8,790 unique visitors in the first year. That is 8,790 people who now know about Twinkies, the Lola, and understand how to use the word shank to convey their thoughts and feelings.

So I’m going to continue blogging and my next goal is to get this book I’m writing done. I’ve been dragging my feet forever, but it’s clear if I set it as a goal I will reach it. Or not. I’ll eat a Twinkie to the success of the book – or two for the failure.

Anywhoo, about the book. It’s a parenting book. Written by a person who is not a parent. And it will be everything hilarious that can befall you once you squirt one of those wiggly poop machines out of your body. Or your wife does.

Maybe you can gift it to her on the day when the poop literally hits the fan. It may make her feel better. Add a Twinkie to the mix and you’re going to score a weekend of Playstation.

I’ll have to see where I end up. God knows I could start a book about hilarious parenting advice from a non-parent and completely end up talking about the life of a Lola.

UPDATE: I scared myself shitless with my stated goal to actually finish writing a book in the next year. I am amending that goal to the following: I will finish writing a book and/or eat two boxes of Twinkies in the next year. OK, thank goodness, I feel much better with the pressure off. And this is exactly why I don’t make new year resolutions.

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