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Remember how I have a deep love for Amazon and its Prime membership that gives me free shipping on items already priced low? There’s a possibility that they have turned that love into a way to make me fat(ter).

Amazon Pantry.

Now I don’t even have to go to the grocery store and walk around. What little bit of exercise I had in my life just vanished. I mean, who wants to walk around a store and get all sleepy?!?!

Now, in all reality, I’m never giving up Costco. They feed me samples to keep my energy up, hand out drinks as I get to the back of the store and my mouth is parched from all those samples and then offer me a delicious hot dog once I make the final push through the registers.

Or you can do it in reverse, like I’ve blogged about before. (If you haven’t read it, click the link here. I spent many hours of my life to make you a diagram to follow so that you too can achieve greatness in a Costco.)

Now, back to Amazon. I love Sour Skittles and Darkside Skittles, but those little candies are elusive. I couldn’t find them at the grocery store, Costco was a bust, and I was getting desperate. So I traveled onto Amazon and hit the jackpot. There they were. Looking at me from my computer screen.


 Note that it says share size. Yeah, I dare you to try to share my Skittles…

And I ordered them all.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Why not buy share size of the Sour Skittles? Great question. (Now go eat a Twinkie as a reward. Or Skittles. But not mine.)

The Sour Skittles have a very bad side effect. They burn your mouth and cause tongue sores if you eat too many. And we all know I don’t have the self-control to only eat half a bag, so I went with the small bags.

See, I can learn!

If you didn’t read about my previous Sour Skittles experience, feel free to learn from my mistakes here

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