A few weeks ago I noticed a red lump on Lola’s back leg. Of course I immediately yelled out cancer, hugged her so hard she burped, and then proceeded to give her a full body lump exam while on the phone scheduling a vet appointment.

Like any level-headed pet owner would do.

I took her in to the vet and I was immediately reassured when the doctor said she thought it was nothing. But before you think I’m crazy she added, “but we need to send it to pathology to be sure it’s benign.” Benign…BENIGN!! That means there is a possibility, however small, it could be malignant! And my head exploded with worry and my blood pressure instantly shot through the roof.

Five excruciating days later, the vet calls and tells me to get off the ledge. Lola has a benign fatty tumor that is “rapid growing and will need to be removed if it doesn’t go away in a few weeks.”

I thought you told me to get off the ledge?!?!

I was back on the ledge because Wild Child is not one to leave it alone. Lola earned her Wild Child nickname from her previous vet after ripping her stitches three times. I warned Lola to stop licking the lump. I warned her to not bite it. I even warned her to stop looking at it, just in case she got tempted. She didn’t listen…

She now has to wear a humongous cone because her wild ways were not curbed with the one designed for a dog her size.


Are you listening now, fathead bulldog?!???!

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12 replies on “It’s all fun and games until someone ends up in a cone…

  1. We got Starbuck a Comphy Cone, its padded, at Naturally 4 Paws. Then she exacted a severe chewing revenge to the plastic cone.


    1. Lola had a comfy cone but she can pull those off her head because of all that bulldog neck fat, you can’t make them tight enough without stopping her from breathing. The vet told us to use a regular plastic cone because it will dig in a little bit and stop her from trying to rip it off so much but she can still breathe. Luckily for her she only has to wear it when she goes in the back room. So today she made the wise decision to stay in the main room with me where I could watch her. I ended up taking it off of her at lunchtime. This piglet is lucky that I work from home or She would be stuck in this cone all day.


      1. We have seen Starbuck generate enough centrifugal force to whip the soft cone right off her head. It suprised the hell out her. She stood there a moment, realized she was free and took off in a flash yelling “I’m Freeeee!!!”


  2. Oh my word that gorgeous little chubby face in that ‘orrible lampshade device! 5 whole days?? I mean that must have felt like forever?? So pleased to hear that all is ok in the end. Big puppy hugs xx

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