Last night the skin on my neck tried to choke me. It was very traumatic.

I should start at the beginning.

I was on the couch and watching a riveting show on television. Sheldon Cooper was having a panic attack over Penny possibly getting him sick. All of a sudden, I had a hard time breathing. As I lifted my head up, I could breathe again. I resumed watching television, thinking all was well again.

A few minutes later I had a hard time breathing again. I once again lifted my head up and was miraculously able to breathe again. That’s when it hit me!

My neck was actively trying to kill me.

With each second I sat on the couch, my body slid further and further down. My head became heavier and heavier, leading to an eventual slump that cut off my air supply. I would eventually have to look at the ceiling just to continuing the act of breathing.

I know what you’re thinking, why not sit up?!

Well, if I had a good answer for that I wouldn’t have spent the entire night trying not to die.

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