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I was wandering aimlessly through Mount Rainier and I came across this sign.


Woohoo, sign me up!

Yeah, how about a big fat no?!?! This sign is located just mere feet from the Run From the Volcano As Fast As You Can sign. And it’s the official camping site of this entire area. I mean, it’s not like they ask you to not camp there but if you must, they tell you it’s risky. No, they actually made this a campsite you desire to set up in.

I saw other campsites in the park and none of them had a sign like this. I just don’t know what would posses you to camp near this sign when there are other areas not actively trying to kill you!

I don’t know much about people who like camping in tents, but I imagine they must be of Sasquatch’s ilk (they never fear being caught off guard) if they can calmly make a Smore while death looms all around.

I’ll be in my RV, several miles away in a wonderful campground with electricity, plumbing and a television to give me immediate forewarning that the seismic activity is spiking in the area.

I’m titling this sign This Camp Will Actively Try to Kill You.

And now I’m ready for a S’more.

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