Hubster and I have been on vacation and I’ve been taking pictures of street signs that will give you pause. So far we’ve had the Sasquatch Truck sign and the Run From the Volcano As Fast As You Can sign.

Two other signs have been popping up during many of our Washington state road trips. At first I was indifferent to them, I’ve seen them my whole life in Hawai’i and they’re nothing special to me. Then I realized not everyone has grown up in Hawai’i or in a coastal community. So here they are for your viewing pleasure, already named in ways designed to terrify you into action.

The Water Is Coming And You Should Climb.

A tsunami hazard zone street sign

Remember that volcano escape sign I mentioned earlier? Yeah, once the mountain explodes you know some sort of quake is coming with it and now you need to outrun the lava AND the ocean water. It’s like the apocalypse! 

I would bet money that the zombies are born of this very scenario. The lava probably contains some never-before-seen human ailment that will turn us all. Luckily, Lola and I took a test and it was determined we’d survive the zombies. Read about that here.

Just in case you have a moment of panic, like every other human being in the entire area, just follow these handy-dandy arrows on where to go. Which oddly, send you up a mountain which is an active volcano. Choices must be made.

The Water Is Here To Kill You.

A tsunami evacuation street sign with directional arrowGod help us all if that volcano decides to explode with all the activity going on around it.

If you’re thinking about visiting the state of Washington, come on in. The view is damn fine, but never forget, it is trying to kill you.

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