Vacation ambling has been going well. The car has been piled high with snacks and drinks and the 2-year-old nephew has been gifted an iPad to stay alive with Disney movies. The adults really enjoy listening to that…

So as promised I have been taking pictures of street signs that are randomly weird, make you laugh, or completely terrify you. Sometimes they are all three and you hit the jackpot. Today is a jackpot.

Run From the Volcano As Fast As You Can.

A volcano evacuation street sign with directional arrow

I know what you’re all thinking – I was near Mount St. Helens volcano. Normally I would applaud your logical skills, except we weren’t at St. Helens. We were driving several hours away from St. Helens when we came across this sign which has been aptly named by my terrified brain.

We initially dismissed the sign, thinking nothing of it. We laughed as we drove past the sights. Then the entire car full of people became quiet. One by one we commented that it would be a good idea to know where the volcano was, and if the national park we were at was really the best option. It was a one-road park and we had another two hours until we could turn onto an alternate.

We realized we needed options to escape at the very moment we had no options to escape.

If you’re ever going to Mt. Rainier, be advised that you could die in a fiery volcanic explosion. Or according to everything ‘they’ say, it isn’t the volcanic explosion that is the main concern – it’s the resulting earthquake causing a massive debris flow that will end your attempts to flee. You will be caught totally unprepared because you only hear about St. Helens being the volcano.

Consider this your public service announcement. Vacation here, but bring skis to escape the carnage.

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