I am currently on vacation, but still at home. I guess since as society we need to sell everything we do as something greater than it actually is, we now call this a “staycation.” And now I want to shank myself in the face for typing that stupid word.

I took two weeks off work because my mental health is important when you work with impressionable children.

Week one will consist of my sister-in-law and nephew visiting and showing them the area. My nephew is only two, so as a precaution I took another week off work in case I needed to decompress.

Toddlers are notoriously unreliable and delight in making a vacation feel worse than going to work each day.

This was not the case when it came to my nephew. He’s a delight! He’s witty, he’s cute, he laughs like someone who means it, and he shares his food with me. Which is a major bonus because he loves all the same foods that I do!

Since I have a second week off, I have decided to use it to add to my stockpile of things you need to read about in my blog. The first posting after vacation will consist of street signs that simultaneously scare you and make you laugh. Washington state has street signs that will make you positively frightened to remain within their geographical borders. Like this benign seeming, but actually very terrifying, truck sign.

Sasquatch Truck.

A street sign showing a truck

Seen in a national park where there were no intersections and no feasible way for a truck to be driving there. I didn’t even get to snap a picture of the first two we passed because I was so deeply contemplating their meaning.

Are there phantom trucks I need to worry about?! What roads could these trucks possible be driving on? Why are these signs only located in the “Sasquatch Country” that all the town buildings are boasting about?! Are the trucks for Sasquatch?!? I mean, help me out here, sign!

What are you saying?!?!?!

I laughed about the absurdity of the sign and then before you knew it, my imagination made me want to pee my pants.

We were still more than two hours from home and it was getting dark…

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