I wrote this post 2 years ago and have used the app ever since. 

Lola is asking for your help in combatting the warfare that her species is currently being subjected to – animal testing. A really great app just crossed my eye called Cruelty Cutter. You can use their app to scan barcodes and see if the product is tested on animals. Then you can blast the company on social media, or thank them if they are an ethical company.

Now, the app costs $2.99 so I know many people will brush me off. However, for each action you take, either thanking or blasting, you will earn points in the app towards coupons for products that are cruelty free.

Just so you know, science has enabled companies to use human cells that are grown in a lab to test their products on. Companies publicly acknowledge that it is cheaper to go this route and yet they still torture animals. If one company can get FDA approval for soap without burning the flesh off a living animal, then ALL of them can.

It’s that fucking simple.

lola-sitsLola needs you to help because this is important stuff. She is my fur baby and I don’t let companies test on your human baby. So do your part and help us out.

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5 replies on “We can put an end to this…

    1. Thank you so much! Even one small change by everyone will hit the company’s books hard enough to make them notice. FYI, it seems like Target’s brand is doing better in many products. But obviously, I will have to start scanning before I buy, just in case something slips in.


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