I spent Shank You Sunday throwing an Easter egg hunt and hanging curtains.

It was pretty freaking exciting. Which is so lame, I may need to shank myself.

Not the Easter egg hunt. That part wasn’t exciting for me. Mostly because I have no kids and partly because I had to be trapped in my car with 128 pieces of fried chicken. That is just too much chicken smell to smell good.

Thankfully there were great adults to laugh with. Or at. Your choice.

(You know people are going to be looking at their spouse tonight asking if it was them I am laughing at.)

The curtain hanging was the exciting part. The Hubster was dragged around on Friday evening through Home Depot. He is now officially Will Ferrell in Old School.  Thank God for the ex-convict Martha Stewart. Her curtain rod line made out of wood is gorgeous and her curtains are quite the steal. (Hehehe, see what I just did there?! Steal?! Ex-con?! Get it?!)

And you want to know the best part? The Littles can hang from them without them falling and cracking open a skull.

Ask me how I know this fact.

Anywhoo. So the Hubster is putting up curtain rods with very little help from me. Basically, I ran out of motivation somewhere during the egg hunt and the two-minute drive home. But I did make sure to come in just after the Hubster completed something to ask if he could do it another way.

I like to live dangerously.

The Hubster was either in a great mood or he is laying the foundation for his defense of how he couldn’t possibly have shanked his wife to death; he’s too nice of a guy. The Hubster was kind enough to not strangle me and just put it how I wanted it all.

Then he offered to go get us McDonald’s at 8:15 at night on a work night since we hadn’t eaten anything. If you all don’t hear from me one day, send out the bobbies. I’m probably in the back yard.

And refer back to this post during his trial.

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