So you know how everyone does that Throwback Thursday? Yeah, I’m totally over looking at my Facebook stream and seeing a bunch of pictures of people I can’t even begin to identify.

Who started this stupid trend? I want to shank them as hard as I can. Repeatedly.

So I’m starting my own thing- Fuck Yeah Friday! And I’m going to do anything I want to on this day. You know, just like any other day. Except this day is titled with fuck so you know it’ll be fun.

Watch out, Shank you Sunday is coming soon.

Well holy crap, someone has already asked why I’m using a Twitter trending tag. Ummmm, because I don’t know how to use my twitter and didn’t know it was a trend?!?!

If someone already used Shank You Sunday I am going to be ticked.

Stay tuned.

Thank you baby Jesus for small miracles. No one has ever used #ShankYouSunday. We’re in business.

Fuck Yeah Friday! is for losers. Don’t do it. Join me on Sundays.

And FYI, if you’re trying to beat my tweet, you can go get shanked. I am OFFICIALLY the first person to tweet #ShankYouSunday. 

It’s nice to be first and even better to be last….man standing, that is. 

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