I have decided my new word to interject into daily life will be craptasticness.

Craptastic just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

I like to use it as a noun, for example:

Craptasticness needs to just walk away or get shanked.

You can use it as an adjective:

The craptasticness of this pizza is unbelievable!

I suppose you can use it as an adverb, but it gets dicey and frankly my brain hurts from trying.

My brain is of epic craptasticness thanks to my head cold.

It doesn’t have the appeal of shank, and it isn’t as easy to use since it doesn’t roll right off the tongue, but I find it fun to pair the two words together.

Holy fucking craptasticness, do I need to shank you?!?!

It just calms me down. I mean, how could I shank someone when I’m yelling out this statement? I can’t.

Saving lives once again.

You’re welcome.

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