I have been awake for roughly one hour and I’m already so tired that my eyes feel heavy and yawns are interrupting my ability to comprehend life. I feel like I got no sleep at all.

What the hell happened to me last night?!?!

I may need to rethink my stance on the sleep apnea machine that they recommended I use. And by recommended, I mean they told me to skip death by using this machine at night.

While I’m quite sure that it is sleep apnea keeping me awake, there is one other very probable cause. The zombie apocalypse is near. Obviously, my instincts are honing themselves to keep me alert for brain eating non-humans who will prey on me while I nap.

Either way, it seems like I’m in a fight for mere survival.

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10 replies on “I’m honing my zombie apocalypse survival skills…

  1. This bit of information does not make me very happy!! DO NOT DIE… USE YOUR SLEEP APNEA MACHINE!!!!! Just make sure Lola doesnt attack it trying to save you


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