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I’m no crunchy granola girl but I do like to recycle, conserve, help animals and generally harm as little as possible. While not giving up the love of my car with twin turbos. Go Ford!

Recently I went to my Salon, which is an Aveda concept salon. I always get the schpeel about how great the products are, why they are so awesome and how the money is worth it. Now, I understand that everyone in retail is a salesman. I remember when the first Xbox ever came out and had all the glitches but I still pushed them onto customers while telling them the product was great and what were the chances theirs would fail?!? I knew they’d fail, they were all failing.

So I came home and began a search on Aveda, the company and its products. And boy, I guess I’m crunchier than I thought. They care about rain forests, energy conservation, animals AND they are based in America.

I think I am a believer. Which is sad since I’ve been going there for a year and I just now cared to check on anything other than if they test on animals. I guess they could have been poisoning me the whole time and I wouldn’t have known.

Lola would like to take this moment to ask you to check your makeup, hair care and skin care products for animal testing. Just google it, you’ll know pretty quick. It would be unbearable to live in a cage for life while having things applied to you that hurt.

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