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Recently a loyal reader asked Lola how she interacts with big dogs. Apparently, this reader has a little dog that just pees and then whimpers in fear whenever a large dog is present. Lola had the answer for this tiny puddle maker.

Lola basking in the sunshine on her body

“I like to lie down immediately upon noticing a big dog in the vicinity. Regardless of where I am, or who has to lift my fat rump to get me out of the roadway where the moving cars are becoming impatient waiting on me. Just remain lying down and let the humans do all the work. Then, when I am nearer to the big dog and it becomes apparent that he or she wants to smell my tush, I stand underneath them. Let’s be honest, only heathens smell butts and I’m not tolerating that sort of behavior! This standing under the big dog serves two purposes – they can’t smell your tush and they can’t see you to maul you. They also seem to really like when small dogs use them as shelter because they start dancing.”

So there you have it, Little Dog, I hope Lola’s advice helps you on your travels tomorrow!

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