Well, as of right now I should be heading towards home from the great outdoors. I’m sure I’m exhausted and eager to get back to my couch, and my tv, and all my favorite snacks. I am also sure that I’m dragging back an exhausted bulldog who definitely ‘needs’ to sniff one more strange bush before she gets home. Enjoy this haiku from the archives!

New night, same problem.

Resist the urge to order

take out, yet again.

The budget looms large.

Money doesn’t grow on trees.

Your parents were right.

This series is intended to highlight the ridiculous antics of adulthood – a milestone we all wanted to reach as quickly as we could. Unfortunately, the reality of adulthood is not the endless cake and cookie feast we all believed it to be. It turns out, there are a lot of monthly bills and no one cooks you dinner!

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