Have you ever wondered what you would do if you were locked inside a walk-in freezer and had no way to let yourself out?

I bet you are thinking about it now!

I have spent more time than is probably sane thinking about this very scenario. For starters, where is this freezer that I find myself trapped in? Did I wander into a Taco Bell and decide to help myself to the nacho cheese while the workers were busy making burritos for everyone?

As long as I’m in there, I might as well have a snack.

Who locked me in the freezer? Freezers are not typically so big that you fail to see a person standing in one. That means that the worker must have locked me in on purpose. Maybe they are trying to teach me a lesson, or maybe they are just a serial killer in training.

Either way, my future isn’t looking so bright.

Now that my brain has gotten this topic out of the way, let’s turn to the real point of today’s post. Have you finished your Christmas shopping? I did, which is wild since it’s the start of November. I did think that maybe Hubster needed a few more gifts under the tree…

Do you think Santa is the serial killer who locks me in a freezer?!

I might need to get more sleep, my brain seems a bit chaotic.

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21 replies on “The unforeseen plot twist…

  1. Hahahaha! I do get a kick out of the way you think! I would much rather be locked in a refrigerator, at least then the food would all be edible. It makes me think of when I was working in a restaurant (summer job) doing prep work, and I had the delicious job of making chocolate mousse. I would sometimes sneak into the walk in with a soup spoon and help myself to a nice big spoonful…naughty, naughty, naughty!😂

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  2. I wouldn’t fare well. I suffer with cold urticaria, which means my skin is allergic to cold temperatures. Being locked in the fridge wouldn’t do me any favours!


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  3. This is a something I have actually oddly thought a lot about. At my Grandfather’s funeral, there was a story about him driving a forklift into a freezer (that’s a pretty big industrial freezer) and getting locked in. This was of course way before the time of mobile phones. I’m not sure we ever discovered how he managed to get out! #GlobalBlogging

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