I’ve finalized my second Dear Lola book (so many tweaks for perfection!) and began work on a third volume in the series this week. The writing seems to be flowing, but the cartoons make me positively nutty. Not a very long journey in my case. I’ve also decided to take another crack at the novel that my brain has been obsessing over for years. Unfortunately, novels are very hard to write. Very hard. So hard, they make my brain hurt.

I need to make sure Hubster knows how hard I am working so he’ll continue paying for my snacks.

If you are a writer, please make sure to let Hubster know I need unlimited snacks in the comment section. The 2020 household finance negotiations start this month and  I can’t lose my cookie budget – we will all suffer if that happens.

A text box describing the Tragic Life of a Writer. It reads 'Wake up with brain bursting with ideas. Sit at computer and bang on keyboard. Stare at screen dejectedly while furiously hitting the delete button. Eat lunch at desk. Hold down delete button while chewing. Lay head on keyboard and take a nap. Resume keyboard banging after cleaning up drool. Repeat until book is finished or someone finds your mummified body.'

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27 replies on “Keyboard naps and other traits of a successful(ish) writer…

  1. Dear Lola,
    Please tell your Daddy Beast not to SLACK on the SNACKS as it will certainly come BACK to bite him, don’t want him to end up on the RACK or under ATTACK! All the treats that he allows will certainly come BACK to him. Remind him that will never LACK for cookies and kisses and all that he deserves, and soon Santa will be coming with many gifts in His SACK!!

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  2. Good luck with the books (and finance negotiations). I am a blogger, so not a full fledged writer, but I had to laugh at your point about waking up with brain busting with ideas and then sitting down at the keyboard to essentially achieve nothing! #DreamTeam

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  3. Haha I love this! I started writing my first YA fiction novel two years ago. I got the first two chapters drafted and that’s as far as I’ve got. It still haunts me everyday so I know at some point I’ll need to start work on it again. I don’t think my fella would withhold snacks, though, because he’s convinced all writers enjoy the success of Rowling 😀 #DreamTeam

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  4. I love this description of the life of a writer! I am constantly eating at my computer plus I would take naps there if it wasn’t slightly uncomfortable. So I edge my way over to the couch instead. But sugar is an absolute necessity when it comes to getting all the words and ideas in your brain down on paper (or screen). So I hope your hubster is reading your comments because I back you up 100%! #dreamteam

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