It has been a very long time since I looked at the search terms that led people to my website. I always get quite a laugh from the phrases people type in, but sometimes things get a bit scary and intense. Like an episode of Twilight Zone where the murderer is standing right behind you but you just refuse to turn around to see him because then he’ll definitely murder you.

Obviously murderers have a code of honor and they won’t kill you unless you’re facing them.

I’ve strayed a bit off topic, as per usual. Before I tell you which search phrases made me laugh, cry, or run screaming into the night, I would like to remind you that I get no other data. All I know is that some random person typed a phrase and then clicked on one of my links that popped up in search results.

So feel free to Google strange phrases to your heart’s content.

Just remember that while I may not be looking, Facebook most certainly is!

So here were some of the ways people found my website this year, the parenthesis are my comments.

  • Things that piss me off (maybe you should write a letter to Dear Lola)
  • Is it possible to inhale a hotdog (yes, I’ve done it and almost died)
  • The internet ruins everything (that’s a bit gloomy – think of all the memes!)
  • The salad diet (I spell diet, C-A-K-E, so I’m not much help)
  • Amy Schumer is not funny (agreed)
  • How to live my best life (get a bulldog and eat some cheese while you watch reality television)
  • Do ducks have lips (you did write to Dear Lola and she’s working on that answer)

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2 replies on “Screaming into the void…

  1. How interesting! I didn’t realize that you get to see what people are searching for! Of course, they’re searching for YOU! Your posts are always clever and make me smile. Not a small thing in this world, my dear!! Love all y’all!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Google just lets us know what search actually led to a click into the site. But it only works on people who allow their search to be used that way by Google. Imagine how omniscient I would be if I could see it all!


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