I remember vividly exclaiming as a child, “I can’t wait to grow up and be an adult!” I was convinced that I would get to do whatever I wanted – eat whatever I liked, sleep whenever the mood hit, watch television for as many hours as I could until my eyes felt like sandpaper. To be honest, all of those things have turned out to be true and I’m pretty much enjoying popcorn for dinner and Netflix at two in the morning. Yet no one warned me of the risk of sliding down the back of the old person hill I had climbed.

There are no balloons, but there may be flowers… and a headstone.

Here are all the great things you have to look forward to that have nothing to do with fun and everything to do with turning into the old lady on your street who keeps asking everyone to turn the noise down.

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26 replies on “Popcorn for dinner and other adult ideas…

    1. I found myself in this tinfoil predicament after we were done eating a cake and I realized the foil was completely clean because the cake was so much lower than the height of the cake dish. so I folded it up and stuck it in the drawer for the next time I made a cake. That’s the moment I realized I had become my mother.

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    1. In my defense, I only did it once and then I wanted to die because I realized I’d become my mother. I covered a cake dish and because I didn’t get any icing on it, I decided to use it on a future cake also.

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  1. Ah, that’s it isn’t it? You can do all those things like eating crisps for dinner and having chocolate for dessert (and I did, for a while), but then you start wishing you’d appreciated having someone decide on and cook all your meals, tidy up after you and tell you to get to bed on time…. #globalblogging

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