I’ve been duped. I finally met my match and fell for a whopper of a lie. It didn’t come from my precocious Lola, or even the almost always honest Hubster. No, this betrayal came from a source much closer to my heart.

The movie people.

Not the actors or directors, none of the big names that we all know thanks to their plot lines and storytelling. Instead I’m talking about the forgotten movie people who work behind the scene, way in the back where no one can ever find them. There, in a dark room, they do their jobs without fanfare.

It’s unsurprising they’ve turned on society.

Stuck alone in a dingy room, doing the hard work once the simple job of reciting lines has been completed. These poor workers have to take a man and a green screen and somehow make him look like an astronaut whizzing through outer space.

I’ve always wanted to squeeze whizzing in a sentence.

These forgotten movie people are also responsible for the most mundane part of all movies – the screen credits. They sit in front of a screen, meticulously noting every single person who has worked on the set of a movie. Even the person who delivers the sandwiches gets a shout out in the credits. How are they repaid for their diligence? With people walking out as the credits start to roll.

It’s only natural they would want some sort of revenge!

Well they got it. They typed the words ‘based on a true story’ and we fell for it. Imagine the following scenario. A lady prepares to walk out the front door of her house on a rainy day. She grabs an umbrella and heads off to work. The next day, a movie about aliens invading the world is filmed. The forgotten movie people get to work. As they replay the footage, they decide to have some fun.

The movie hits theaters with a true story warning.

Everyone in the movie theater sits up at attention when they read this message. Sometimes, the phones come out for a quick Google search before the action on-screen starts. Whispers roll through the audience as everyone realizes this movie is about to get good. All because the forgotten movie people saw one little scene at the start of the movie.

A woman grabs an umbrella on her way out the door.

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32 replies on “Whispers roll through the audience…

  1. What movie? They did it to Fargo – William H. Macy thought it was rue because of that and then in conversation with the Cohens, discovered it wasn’t and said “But you can’t say ‘Based on a true story’ if it isn’t true, and one of the Cohen’s say ‘It’s a movie, that bit is part of the movie too’ Hehehehe #Dreamteam

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  2. I am also intrigued to know what movie this is. In the early days of my corporate career I remember sneaking random words into reports to see whether managers actually read them haha. #DreamTeam

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  3. Oh there you go, there are probably people out there who will say it could still be true. Who knows….Personally I am not one of them though….! #dreamteam

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