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Lately I’ve been feeling more adult than normal. I think I can chalk that up to temporarily being assigned childcare duties for my two young nieces while their parents remained at home and enjoyed a few weeks of sleep. I had to eat… broccoli. Broccoli! (Blogger shudders in remembered horror.)

Setting a good example is really hard.

I didn’t get to make a midnight Taco Bell run for two whole weeks because kids sleep at night and even the lure of nacho cheese doesn’t help them to stay awake. I know because I tried to convince them to become my midnight wing-women but the snoring made the task impossible.

In my defense, I said setting a good example was really hard – so I chose corruption instead.

Obviously, I’m still not a full-fledged adult. Here are some warning signs that you are moving into adult territory. I recommend you throw the car into reverse and haul ass to escape the inevitable – maybe you’ll be the one who successfully gets away.

Adulthood Is - Watching the nightly news for tomorrow's weather report and complaining they are never right.

My mom is a huge fan of trying to foresee how to dress the next day. I just show up in slippers (flip flops) and get my feet wet if it rains. Adulthood, thwarted.

Adulthood Is - Showing up early to an event and wondering why everyone is late.

I do this. Adulthood is breathing down my back!

Adulthood Is - Reading the car manual from cover to cover... and then promptly asking someone younger to show you how to work the touchscreen.

I’m never buying a new car again, that should ensure adulthood can’t catch me.

Adulthood Is - Taking a daily multivitamin even though you're not sure what it does.

Something about bones and joints and maybe even hair. I don’t know. I just chew it and carry on with my day.

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